Best Pinion Depth Tool – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

Pinion Depth Tool

If you are using an automobile and determined about improving the performance of the vehicle, then you have to have in-depth knowledge about the smallest parts. The pinion depth tool is one small part of the vehicle but plays an important role to improve overall performance.

The best pinion depth tool is the proper approach to measure and select the correct pinion shim. Using a normal tool for such a job is not easy, so picking the right one is essential.

But using the right tool is also not easy, you need a lot of knowledge about it beforehand. So we are here to make your job easy with the top five pinion depth tools from the market.

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Proform Pinion Depth Tool | Light Weight
Proform Pinion Depth Tool | Light Weight

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T&D Pinion Depth Tool | Perfect Design
T&D Pinion Depth Tool | Perfect Design

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Lisle Pinion Depth Tool | Ford Cars
Lisle Pinion Depth Tool | Ford Cars

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JEGS Pinion Depth Tool | Accurate Data
JEGS Pinion Depth Tool | Accurate Data

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Deluxe Pinion Depth Tool | High Quality
Deluxe Pinion Depth Tool | High Quality

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Best Pinion Depth Tool Reviews

The following section describes the top five pinion depth tools, these are premium quality and very reliable.

1. Proform Pinion Depth Tool | Light Weight

The universal pinion depth setting tool is used to measure the pinion depth on the majority of vehicle and truck rear ends. A must-have in your toolbox while assembling various types of rear ends and third members.

I personally like this one because the 2.5 pound pinion depth is very reliable and easy to use. The weight is just perfect to keep a balance while working. Besides I have been using this for a long time and am totally satisfied with the service.

These Proform pinion setting tools are used to determine the depth of the pinion gear. They are designed to fit the rear axles of most vehicles and trucks and come with the essential hardware.

Along with the instruction manual, you will receive a ground cross pin, which is extremely useful for precise work. So, if you’re worried about the tools’ safety, you’ll be relieved to know that they’re all wrapped in a foam sheet and tightly secured with the assistance of a carrying case.

Most Liking Features

You will be given an indication to utilize to adjust the backlash. Whenever you intend to use the tools.

Probable Drawbacks

This does not fit all kinds and types of vehicles, it is vehicle specific.

Key Features

  • This is a Taiwan product
  • The weight balance is perfect
  • Comes in a steel box to keep the tools safe
  • Easy to work with

2. T&D Pinion Depth Tool | Perfect Design

Who does not desire a flawless tool? T & D has brought the best tool to set pinion depth. Here you will get three extensions with calibration tubes, a 1-inch dial indication, hubs, two separate target plates, and cross shafts in the package.

The T&D Machine brand is flawless. Once the bearing is in place, measure, remove the bearing, add the right shim stack, and it’s perfect. It helped me repair and re-gear my Dana 30 and Chrysler 8.25 in my Jeep while I was installing ARB air lockers.

It features the jigs required for all types of axles. When utilizing it, no “setup bearings” are necessary. It is easier to set the pinion depth using this method than with gauge blocks. It will be handy in the case of other differentials.

If you’ve never done this before, you’ll need a lot more equipment and a decent supply of shims. This just determines the pinion depth. This product’s structure is excellent, and it is intended to last for a long time.

Most Liking Features

The designers ensured that it meets all of your criteria. To protect the instruments from outside damage, foam is inserted within the casing.

Probable Drawbacks

The only drawback is its price, but the good quality products cost a bit more

Key Features

  • There is foam insulation to protect the tools
  • The weight is 10.37 pounds which are easy to carry
  • Includes multiple tools
  • The construction is heavy and durable

3. Lisle Pinion Depth Tool | Ford Cars

Most people consider a pinion depth tool with numerous compatibility and the Lisle pinion depth tool is such a kind of product. This is a must-have item. This model is a full bundle that has these attributes as well as other advantageous features.

This tool set fulfills the necessity for a tool that will appropriately install races on Ford vehicles. I am really pleased with the provided To install shaft lengths are included,

It includes an adaptor that allows me to use the race cups with my Air Hammer, which is a wonderful bonus. With the Lisle pinion depth tool, you will never have a problem with the discs hanging up on hub housings or anything like that.

These stay Straight and secure in your seat. It’s a pretty beautiful set at a terrific price that comes in a box.

Most Liking Features

This pinion depth is very high in quality, especially the material is top-notch. You will feel very comfortable working with it.

Probable Drawbacks

The box is heavy, so if you are planning to carry it then you may face some trouble.

Key Features

  • This has a Modern design
  • Easy to work with for the beginners
  • Heavy weight tool
  • Compatible for many vehicles

4. JEGS Pinion Depth Tool | Accurate Data

If you are looking for the best pinion depth tool kit that will allow you to properly set up your pinion and ring then the JEGS model will be the right way to go. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the purchase, and never regret the decision.

This includes Custom-made storage containers to minimize fluid damage and degradation. Previously designed for use with centerpieces that have 1/2 in. cap bolts. By keeping the fixture in place during measurement, it may be utilized on housings with 5/8 in. diameter bolts.

The calibration block is composed of strong metal, and the bottom is smooth and drilled. This function assists you in obtaining correct results in a variety of circumstances. You will not have any gripping troubles when utilizing the device.

When you measure, you will obtain accurate data, and it works in 0.001-inch increments. Besides, the weight is only 2.81 pounds, and you won’t feel anything when carrying it.

Most Liking Features

It is well-made, allowing you to precisely change the pinion depth and the operation will be smooth and pleasant. This will aid in the prevention of problems such as early wear, ring gear whining, and so on.

Probable Drawbacks

It is compatible with housing, but the bolt must be 5/8-inch in diameter. In this situation, you must keep the device in place.

Key Features

  • The bottom is smooth and drilled
  • Gives a very smooth performance
  • Easy to carry with the box
  • Flexible grips help to prevent any error

5. Deluxe Pinion Depth Tool | High Quality

Deluxe made certain that you received a high-quality product. You will be able to alter the pinion depth of various differentials with models.

Inside the casing is a high-quality dial indication. There are three distinct extension points available for differing housing sizes. The kit includes three calibration tubes in case you need to calibrate the tips directly to the gauge.

If you have a closer look, you’ll see that there are bearing pucks made of aluminum, which are compatible with a variety of carrier bearing race sizes.

Along with the instruction manual, you will receive a ground cross pin, which is extremely useful for precise work. Also if you are not satisfied with the product you will get a refund option.

Most Liking Features

The kit is compatible with GM 10, 12, and 14-bolt axles, Chrysler 10 and 12-bolt axles, Ford 6.625, 7.5, 8, 8.8, and 9-inch axles.

Probable Drawbacks

This is a heavy-weight pinion depth tool, so carrying this tool can be troublesome.

Key Features

  • Compatible with different vehicles
  • Has high-quality indicator
  • The instructions are very elaborated
  • Price is reasonable

Things to Consider Before Buying Pinion Depth Tool

Best Pinion Depth Tool

When you are buying the best pinion depth tool instructions you have to be aware of the simplest thing about the products so that you can give yourself the right one. Here are some buying guides that will help you to choose the right Pinion depth tool for your vehicle.

Dial Indicator

Dial indicators are tiny measuring instruments that may be employed in a variety of mechanical techniques to measure a specific deviation of a mechanical component.

This is an important consideration since you want precision in this sort of measurement. Because you’re dealing with automobile components, this is a must.

Furthermore, it should be easily visible and will not interfere with your job when you are in the thick of it. Before you buy it, be sure you’ve tried it out.

Storage Box

Where would you put the tools if you do not get a box? This would be very troublesome and you might end up losing some of the tools. That is why the gadget requires a storage box since it cannot be placed in any location of your choosing.

These are susceptible and might be harmed by an outside force. So, search for one that has a storage box. Check to see if the box is stiff or not. Overall, your tool will be safe and secure at your house or workplace.


Who the performance is going to be or how long the tool is going to be last depends on the material. Material is very crucial for all types of products. Test the building materials to assure their endurance.

Because you will not be using this function in the near future, inquire with the provider about it. As you will be working with car parts, the tools must be strong enough to resist whatever comes their way. So, before you make your final selection, clean everything out.


There are many people who say brand does not define quality. But this is not totally right. Don’t go for a low-quality one because you’ll be wasting your money. Take some time out of your schedule to explore current popular businesses that offer benefits to clients all around the world.

You can check Amazon’s review where customers share their personal experiences about the product. This will help to distinguish the quality. This will provide you with information on the type of goods you are purchasing. A good brand image implies that it has not let anyone down.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How does the pinion depth get fixed or adjusted?

This is not very hard. You may adjust it by adding or removing shims from the pinion bearing’s inner section.

2. Will these fit my Dana Super 35?

The products that we have suggested are best in quality and most of them are universal kits that will fit a broad range of rear ends. The Dana 35 should work fine for you.

3. Can I make the backlash better?

Backlash is the occurrence of recoil between the mechanisms’ components. Yes, you can do it with ease. Simply increase the distance in the center of the gears, and you’ll be OK.

4. Will I get a box with the toolset?

Yes, most of the Pinion depth tools include a box to keep the tools safe.

5. What’s the connection between backlash and pinion depth?

They are inversely proportional to one another. The blowback grows as the depth decreases.

Final Words

Of course, you will get a lot of options in the market, but the products that we have mentioned are the best pinion depth tool. These are reliable and the brands are very renowned and popular among the customers. So do give them a try and let us know if you have any further questions.

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