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Plug Cutter

Of all the DIY projects, woodworking is the most fun and rewarding. Beautiful woodwork may be made fast with the appropriate equipment. Be sure you have everything you need before you get started.

One of the instruments is designed specifically for removing plugs. Hiding screw heads with a plug is a vital chore for the woodworkers. For this reason, only the finest plug cutter will do. The salesperson at any home improvement store would be happy to demonstrate the different plug-cutting equipment available to you. Yes, but how can you know which one is right?

You may rely on us to bail you out of that mind-numbing task. Find the right plug cutter for your next task by reading this article.

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Kreg Plug Cutter | Pocket Hole | Durable | Set Of 3 Pieces
Kreg Plug Cutter | Pocket Hole | Durable | Set Of 3 Pieces

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Eagles Plug Cutter | Chamfer Tool | Carbon Steel | Set of 23
Eagles Plug Cutter | Chamfer Tool | Carbon Steel | Set of 23

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Rocaris Wood Plug Cutter | Tapered And Straight | Set Of 8
Rocaris Wood Plug Cutter | Tapered And Straight | Set Of 8

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CMT Plug Cutter | Alloyed Steel | For Soft And Hardwood |
CMT Plug Cutter | Alloyed Steel | For Soft And Hardwood |

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Make It Snappy Plug Cutter | Hard Steel | Hex Drive | Tapered
Make It Snappy Plug Cutter | Hard Steel | Hex Drive | Tapered

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Best Plug Cutter Reviews

Our selection of premium plug cutters is available here. From all the available options for wood plug cutters, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five. Let’s find out about the ideal plug cutters for you.

1. Kreg Plug Cutter | Pocket Hole | Durable | Set Of 3 Pieces

In order to cover the screw heads, a plug cutter is a necessary equipment. To avoid overheating the wood during the drilling process, special plug cutters should be purchased. Go for the Kreg pocket hole plug cutter if you’re having trouble deciding.

These plugs are the typical size, and the maker has designed a drill machine that can last a lifetime. Every Kreg jig is compatible with the plugs it makes. Its design allows you to further your work by providing you with specialized connectors.

Now, however, drilling plugs that are a perfect fit for your project is a chore that is far from difficult. In addition, you may use this pocket-hole cutter to make plugs that are both incredibly sharp and incredibly well-anchored, regardless of whether they run along or across the grain.

This plug cutter fits neatly into the Kreg woodworking jig’s pre-existing hole, saving you time. This plug cutter is useful for clamping many plug tools together so they may be drilled with identical settings.

This drill for pocket-hole plugs has three bits: one main bit and two spares. Because of this, a single tool may be used to make both unique and universal plugs. One bit produces little plugs, while the other two bits produce successively larger plugs. Make sure you also check our guide for Skeg Guard .

Major Characteristics

  • Assurance for a duration of 90 days
  • Compatible with both HD and micro bit
  • Produces little to no heat
  • Higher bit durability

2. Eagles Plug Cutter | Chamfer Tool | Carbon Steel | Set of 23

Have you worked with wood professionally? You may find that you require the most flexible and handy wood plug cutter. That’s why I’m giving you the Eagles plug cutting kit, which includes 23 distinct chamfer tools of various sizes and configurations. Let’s examine its capabilities in more detail.

This plug cutter contains 23 distinct bits, as we’ve indicated, allowing you to quickly and easily make plugs for every standard screw type. That’s why this drill is so helpful for woodworkers who often bore holes in their projects.

There is no hole this drill won’t be able to fill. Drill bits with a hex shank, countersink, l-wrench, and a center punch are included in this kit, in addition to the wood plug cutters. As a result, various screws will provide you with various benefits.

Many hours of labor are required for drilling. It would be far more difficult to do this without a plug cutter like the Eagles. The maker constructed the drilling bits with carbon steel to ensure their longevity. DIYers working with wood may rest assured that this item will come in handy time and time again.

The machine’s abrasion resistance is excellent, despite the fact that it runs quickly. As a result, you’ll spend less time sanding and more time drilling plugs for home depots thanks to this tool. 13. Besides, you can choose some Cabinet Scraper.

Featured Advantages

  • A total of 23 distinct bit shapes
  • Durability under abrasion
  • Covers flaws and screw holes.
  • Plugs of varying lengths were cut.

3. Rocaris Wood Plug Cutter | Tapered And Straight | Set Of 8

Choosing the proper cutter for cutting plugs in wood might be challenging for a beginner woodworker. Nonetheless, this Rocaris wood plug cutter is an excellent option. A collection of bits will include eight distinct types.

You may relax knowing that this set comes with both straight and chamfered cutters (four of each). Manufacturers put a lot of thought into making these pieces so they would produce exceptionally sharp plugs without generating too much frictional heat.

Let’s begin with a discussion of its parts performance. This woodcutter has chamfered bits that make tapered plugs for countersunk holes. The normal bits, on the other hand, produce straight plugs that do away with any imperfections or flaws in the wood.

We will now tell you what we know about its quality and price. By using these cutters, I can make flawless covers for the holes. Achieving the desired effect is a cinch because to its high-quality finish. Getting such a high-quality item at such a low price is unheard of.

This woodcraft plug cutter may be used with no strict guidelines. You can acquire the plug size you desire by chucking the bit into any drill. There is no question that this high-performance tool produces neat and uniform plugs.

Featured Advantages

  • Contents: Carbon steel
  • Includes a rounded shank
  • Better plugs
  • Enhanced longevity

4. CMT Plug Cutter | Alloyed Steel | For Soft And Hardwood |

During our investigation of this item, we were astounded by its component’s superior quality. This set of wooden plug cutters is an absolute need if you’re always working on many woodworking projects at once. This cutter works equally well with our premium outdoor screws and softwood.

The sharpness of a woodcutter is the most important factor to consider before making a purchase. Because of this, the maker ensured the cutter was as sharp as it could be. It doesn’t matter if you use one piece of wood or a thousand.

This diamond-shaped plug cutter is crafted from alloyed steel for enduring performance on both hard and soft woods. If you need to make a clean cut in your woodworking project, you may also use our table saw blades.

If you use this device as intended, you’ll agree that it’s the greatest plug cutter available. One advantage is that it does not leave a beveled edge like other plug cutters. Create clean, precise pocket hole plugs with this tool.

You may use this little plug cutter over and over again without worrying about dulling it. You won’t find another knife that can pierce as deeply as this one.

Featured Advantages

  • a form like a diamond
  • True to form
  • Good for both soft and hard woods
  • Countless slicing potential because to four sharp edges

5. Make It Snappy Plug Cutter | Hard Steel | Hex Drive | Tapered

The best value for money would be found in buying the Make It Snappy if you need a plug hole cutter that works equally well on both hardwood and softwood. It has several useful features that any woodworker, expert or amateur, may appreciate. Read on for the full scoop!

For starters, the manufacturer optimized the torque of the drill’s hex drive cutter, allowing it to bore through the toughest wood. Drilling hardwood with confidence is possible since this plug tool is composed of hardened steel.

Let’s discuss the results of this investigation now. The two sides of this plug cutter are interchangeable. There is a chamfer on one end and a taper on the other. As a result, you may go right to work drilling plugs into the chuck, ensuring a secure fit that does away with the need for glue.

If you begin cutting with this, you will very certainly continue to use it. This plug cutter will not cause the wood to catch fire like other similar tools. A piece of charred wood obviously has no aesthetic value. Get this one right now if you don’t want to go through that.

Featured Advantages

  • Fabricated using tempered steel
  • Quickly inserting the plugs
  • With a tapered one side and a chamfered one.
  • Tools with a hex drive

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Plug Cutter

What is the purpose of a plug cutter?

When securing wooden components together with screws, it’s preferable to hide the screw heads. When you need to cover up screw holes in decking, flooring, furniture, or other wood projects, a plug cutter will do the trick.

Is it okay to use glue to secure the plugs in place?

No way, no how.

The finest wood plug cutter makes wood plugs with sharp edges that easily bore into the holes. No further fasteners or glue are required for use.

What is the maximum time frame for using a plug tool?

How roughly it may be used varies.

Use the cutter carefully, and it will outlive its lifespan. Consequently, the aforementioned items have a lengthy lifespan.

Can a novice use cutters to make a plug?

Undoubtedly, they can.

The plug cutter is very simple to use. Drilling is a dangerous task, and all you need to do is take precautions.

Final Remarks

Because we value your investment, we’ve included detailed descriptions of each brand we’ve tried and why. If that’s the case, the aforementioned plug cutters can hold their own against the industry’s best. Furthermore, even the greatest plug cutter is not prohibitively expensive.

Be a Drill Sergeant of Excellence!

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