Best Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring – Recommendations For 2023

Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring

It is not unknown to anyone how important flooring adhesive is in order to install subfloors or reposition floating floors. Vinyl floors are very portable and can be easily misplaced from the surface while placing heavy furniture.

In this regard, super strength glue helps to grab floors together with the surface. Moreover, it gives the finest finish at the joining edge of the floors. But in today’s time, it is a little very hazy for you to choose the right and best glue for vinyl plank flooring.

So, you don’t have to worry about that. We’ve researched a lot and are optimistic enough that we can help you in finding the glue for your luxury vinyl flooring.

So, keep reading to easy you’re finding the vinyl floor glues.

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Loctite PL Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Construction Glue
Loctite PL Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Construction Glue

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Dap Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose Adhesive
Dap Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose Adhesive

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Henry 356-030 Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose
Henry 356-030 Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose

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ARDEX Henry Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Repair Adhesive
ARDEX Henry Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Repair Adhesive

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Tilebond Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tongue & Groove Glue
Tilebond Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tongue & Groove Glue

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Best Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

We have discussed the five most useful and effective flooring adhesives for your luxury vinyl plank surface in this section. Even we have given broad explanations with proper details of each product. Thus, it will be very beneficial for you to get your desired product.

1. Loctite PL Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Construction Glue

In the case of larger or extensive vinyl flooring work, you definitely need a high construction adhesive. It helps to create a great bonding of plank floors with your surface. In this regard, Loctite’s PL glue is an intelligent choice.

It has a 10-Ounch cartridge which ensures high performance and strong bonding. Plus, it is three times stronger than conventional flooring adhesive. Plus, you can get extra shine and brightness in your flooring. Thus, it ensures great innovation & reliability to vinyl floors.

Besides, it is considered ideal for construction materials and subfloor installations. Plus, it provides strong bonding to multi-surface like hardwood treated flooring, stone, brick, metal, lead, cement-based product, ceramic tile etc.

Moreover, it is formed with a Polyurethane-based formula. It gives two times high coverage than ordinary glues. Plus, you can also use it in interior and exterior construction works. Even it can be properly used in dry, wet or frozen properties.

In addition, the glue has an eco-friendly nature itself. Plus, it is water-resistant, paintable, VOC compliant and easily fits with the cold temperature also. Plus, it doesn’t contain any chlorinated surfactants. In fact, it can provide versatile glue for your LVP flooring surface.

Key Features

  • Super strong bonding
  • Multi-surface adhesion
  • Environment-friendly & waterproof
  • Interior-exterior use
  • Applicable to any temperature

2. Dap Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose Adhesive

It is very important to use a high-strength adhesive for creating a strong bond with floor coverings. In this circumstance, Dap 00141 can help you a lot. It is a multi-purpose floor adhesive.

The adhesive is made with a latex-based formula that makes a strong bond with any kind of surface. Plus, it is much stronger than other conventional glue. You can easily get good coverage by using this amazing glue on your vinyl flooring.

Besides, it provides high-strength bonding performance and stronger shrink resistance. Even you can easily reposition floors at the time of installation without any trouble. Plus, it is a trowel-grade safe adhesive for vinyl plank floors.

Moreover, this glue is formulated with environment-friendly materials. In addition, it has a waterproof nature. You can easily clean it up by only using water. Plus, it is inflammable and gives no bad stinky smell. Rather, it gives a very mild fresh scent.

Apart from these, it claims to use it in multi-purpose work, and it is absolutely true. You can use it for interior use on different expansive flooring areas. Plus, it can be applied on any hardwood surface, even in ceramic tile, brick, bamboo, or sealed wood surface also.

Thus, it can be proved the best adhesive for vinyl plank flooring.

Key Features

  • High-strength bond
  • Easy to use in-floor installation
  • Waterproof, inflammable & odorless
  • Useable in multi-purpose

3. Henry 356-030 Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Multi-Purpose

Buying the strong and good coverage glue at a reasonable price is very much worthy enough then an average adhesive of a high cost. Similarly, Henry brand glue for vinyl plank flooring will be a worthy adhesive for your LVP flooring.

The glue can be applied in multi-purpose floor coverage. It has outstanding strength and sticky grab behavior by which you can easily reposition subfloor installation. Thus, it gives you great adhesion support to your engineered hardwood flooring surface.

During floor installation, there always remain unwanted stubborn spots which are very annoying. With this glue, you can easily hide those freaky spots. Plus, it provides a great finish to your surface as it contains a low scent & odor.

Moreover, as it the best glue for lvp flooring, so you can easily apply the glue without any trouble. It doesn’t make any trouble. You can effectively apply it in every engineered hardwood or sealed floor, brick or bamboo-based floors, ceramic tile, marble, and most common types of building materials.

Apart from these, it is water and moisture-resistant glue for vinyl plank flooring. It can even be applied at low temperatures up to 10F. Plus, you need not take the tension of risky inflammation as it is non-flammable. Moreover, it has no harsh petrochemical solvents in its formula.

Key Features

  • High-strength & sticky grab
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any flooring
  • Water & moisture resistant

4. ARDEX Henry Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Repair Adhesive

If you’re searching for a cove base repair adhesive, then Henry’s glue is a good choice. You can apply it in installing vinyl or rubber base surfaces. Even it helps you to protect the cove base from slipping. It gives you an extraordinary grip beyond expectation.

Besides, it is very easy to use and clean up. It’s because it is water-soluble and moisture resistant. You can easily wash it off with water. Plus, it gives outstanding coverage and smooth consistency to your cove base installation.

Moreover, it contains no harsh chemical particles. It ensures great security and reliability to your flooring surface bonding. It creates a strong adhesion to vinyl plank floors with a surface. Mainly, it is an ideal option as the best glue for vinyl plank flooring.

In addition to these, it has great thickness and a strong sticky grab. Plus, it is compliant with VOC. It contains enough glue per gallon. Moreover, it gives you a ten-year warranty. Thus, if you select this glue, it’ll be your best decision.

In addition, it is a worthy glue as per your money. Henry always secures quality rather than money. So, it can be a good adhesive at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Ensure perfect cove base installation
  • Provides safety & a great bonding
  • VOC compliant
  • Ensure thickness & warranty

5. Tilebond Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring | Tongue & Groove Glue

What if you are looking for a wood laminate flooring glue and you have got the exact one at a reasonable budget? It’ll be a win-win lottery situation then, right? Yes, similarly, the Titebond glue is that kind of versatile glue that is applicable to all wood flooring.

The glue ensures superior bonding to the tongue and groove flooring. It is mainly applied to all kinds of laminate and engineered floating hardwood floors. Plus, it can be adjusted to over radiant heat systems also, which is a great feature.

Besides, a lower chalk temperature and a two-year shelf life are ensured to you by this glue. Even these two features make it extraordinary than other traditional adhesives. Plus, it is even passed the water-resistance test successfully held by ANSI Type ll.

Moreover, it is made with an eco-friendly and quick cleanup formula. Plus, it is non-toxic and inflammable. It is very easy to use. In fact, it provides the strongest level of protection to professional installers against moisture issues during floor installation.

In addition, it has no harsh chemical solvent in its formula. It can even be used on dry or wet surfaces also without any trouble. In fact, it serves as a trouble-free service to your vinyl plank flooring.

Key Features

  • Applicable to all wood flooring
  • Waterproof & non-toxic
  • Easy cleanup solution
  • Lower temperature

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Best Glue for Vinyl Plank Flooring

In the time of vinyl plank flooring installation, you’ve to definitely keep the adhesive on your list. In this regard, there are some things that have to be obviously considered buying glue for vinyl plank flooring. Then it’ll be very helpful to find your best adhesive for vinyl plank flooring. Checking the Grit Sandpaper for Drywall will be helpful as well.


One of the most important things about the flooring adhesive is its immense strength and bonding. If your glue doesn’t provide high resistance strength to your flooring, then what will be the use of buying this one? The main job of the glue is to grab your sub-floor with proper stickiness.

So, you have to be properly aware enough that your intended glue can ensure high-performance bonding capacity towards vinyl floors. For more suggestions, you can read about Argon Flow Meter.


Every flooring glue should be applicable and compatible with any hardwood engineered surface. It should be suitable to be applied in any area, whether it is smaller or expansive areas. It should have served its strong sticky grab to any laminate, wood, bamboo, even for all surfaces.

That’s why the issue of compatibility and suitability must be taken into account of consideration while selecting adhesive for floors.

Durability & Reliability

As floating floors are normally connected to sub-floor, so there is always a chance to come up, especially during floor installation or repositioning furniture. In this regard, flooring adhesive helps to adhere to your floors with the sub-floor perfectly.

So, it is very important to make sure that the glue is very durable and flexible. Plus, it should be very easy to be applied. It should always be very flexible in its function.


The glue should be very safe for use. It should be toxic-free, non-inflammable, having a low odor, and environment-friendly. Plus, it should have proper resistance towards dry or cold temperatures as well as moisture.

Moreover, it should not have any harsh chemical solvents. So, make sure that the glue can provide you with enough safety measures.


The glue should be easy to clean up. It should be very light-weight and water-soluble. So you can easily remove its extra residue by only using water. Moreover, it should have the capability to remove unwanted scratches from the surface without leaving any unnecessary buildup.

That’s why the clean-up process is very important in order to buy glue for hardwood or vinyl plank flooring. Thus you’ll get a great bond with a great shine & finish.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use this on a concrete brick surface?

Yes, you can.

These glues are very much compatible with any kind of hardwood or sealed floors. Even it can be applied to concrete brick surfaces also. It has incredible strength for construction works also. So, you can definitely use it on concrete surfaces.

2. Can it properly work on peel and stick tiles?

Yes, definitely.

It can properly be used on peel and stick tiles. Even you can effectively apply it to the bathroom’s peel and stick tiles. It has fast drying and super lock as well as sticky grab nature. So, it can easily fix your peel and stick tiles as per your required position.

3. Does this work on tongue and groove floors?

Yes, it does.

It really works well on tongue and groove floors. In fact, you can join two flat pieces together in order to create a single flat flooring surface through this glue for vinyl plank flooring. Moreover, it ensures superior strength to fit the same kind of objects together.

4. Will it give enough protection against humidity?

Yes, obviously it will.

It has a moisture-resistant formula. So it can easily be applied to any humid situation also. You can always have the same strong bonding strength through this glue at any temperature. It can be perfectly used in wet, dry, cold, or humid temperatures.

5. How will I be able to get the perfect adhesive for LVP floors?

You’ll have to first make sure that the glue provides super-strong strength to any engineered hardwood laminate floors. Accordingly, if it ensures safety, durability, multi-surface utilization, compatibility, etc., you’ll be able to get the best adhesive for vinyl plank flooring.

Final Words

The importance of glue for vinyl floors or floating floors installation cannot be described in words. But for making sub-floor installation easy, you’ve to be ensured that the glue offers you high resistance performance even for high constructional areas.

Besides strength, the glue must be offered you secure grabbing, easy cleanup, moisture-locking, multi-purpose surface repairable nature, strong edge-to-edge connection, etc. Thus, you’ll have the best glue for vinyl plank flooring.

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