Best Handlebars for Street Glide – Recommendations for 2023

Handlebars for Street Glide

Everyone loves to see a good street glide. You may have admired the distinctive handlebars of passing pedestrians and wished you could have one for yourself.

These days, everyone seems to be talking about what the greatest handlebars are for street glide. The addition of a stylish handlebar for street gliding is always well received. If you have inexpensive handlebars, you may find that you lose street cred.

You may improve the look and the value of your street glide by installing some handlebars. The handlebar is a convenient location for reaching the brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switches, and rearview mirror. Street glide handlebars are designed to distribute the rider’s weight evenly throughout the bike.

Since this is the case, our auto-experts are equipped with five sets of premium handlebars for the smoothest possible ride through the streets. Go grab ’em.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″
FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″

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LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″
LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″

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Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger
Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger

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Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King
Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King

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Paul Yaffe's Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars
Paul Yaffe's Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars

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Best Handlebars for Street Glide Reviews

We’re here to restore your original, high-quality handlebar and secure everyone’s polite attention on your bicycle. These are the top ape hangers for street glide, and we’re showing them off in this article. Select the one that best serves your needs.

1. FMB Handlebars for Street Glide | Powder Coated | 14″

Is your recent street glide becoming monotonous to you? Would you want to swap it out with a more modern model? As far as I can tell, the FMB street glide is the most reasonably priced option.

The street glide FMB handlebars are a product of superior craftsmanship. The engineer designed the finest possible plan to make it appear spectacular. You may get an FMB bar in black matte, satin, or high gloss.

Besides being extremely convenient, these grips offer unparalleled levels of comfort. When riding an FMB, the handlebars will be roughly an inch higher than the rider’s shoulder level. And this is the ideal proportions for a gliding stroll along the street.

The exceptional quality of the handlebars is a result of its many unique qualities, such as their 33° bar tip to tip length, 14° up rise, 7° of pullback, and 7-1/2° of 1′′ tubing for controls. Inside the middle, the temperature is 8. They are able to increase it by any amount with no further fees.

FMB is well-regarded for the quality of service it provides. You may expect a timely reply to your message from them. Also, I’m willing to hear out your problem and do my best to address it. What’s more, FMB offers speedy shipping. Additionally, you can check our review on T Top Boat Cover.

Featured Advantages

  • Diameter of one and one-fourth inch dom
  • S.A. Originated
  • thickness of a wall at 120
  • Mercenary bars that measure 14 inches in diameter
  • The highest standard of quality

2. LA Chopper Handlebars for Street Glide | 12B Black | 11/4″

Stop searching, since here you can find the finest ape hangers for street glide that will make your rides comfortable and worry-free. These handlebars will make riding a motorcycle more pleasant and secure.

You may ride in style and comfort with the LA Chopper handlebar. Quickly attaching the street glide to your bike will allow you to start riding at a much more rapid pace. You may rest easy knowing that your journey will be safe.

This version has the benefit of being easily installed on your road glide. And do it at a faster clip than your rivals while having a great time doing it. The standard 16-inch rise is preferred by most riders because it brings the hands up to the level of the shoulders.

The Batwing Fairing Bikes are where the LA Chopper handlebars for street glide really shine. These grips are made with high-quality metals and plastics. You can expect to enjoy the LA Chopper road glide for many years because to its superior quality.

Those who place a premium on guarantees should absolutely take this route. Your LA chopper comes with a lifetime guarantee. The production team is confident enough in the quality of the materials used to offer a lifetime guarantee. Besides, you can choose some Glue for Cutting Boards.

Featured Advantages

  • Travel Relaxation
  • The position of the hands is above the shoulder.
  • Excellent tubing
  • Exact 11-pound weight

3. Dominator Industries Handlebars for Street Glide | Monkey Bar Ape Hanger

Many varieties of handlebars are available, and riders may pick the ones they like most. However, Dominator Industries Handlebars are ideal if you value the elegance of simplicity.

This trendy bar is a fan favorite. This is an incredible choice for anyone in the market for a stylish handlebar.

You wouldn’t believe how many different models this street glide bar fits. Fits Electra Glide, Classic, Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, Street Glide, and Tri-Glide Trike models from 1996-2018.

As it is made in the USA, you can rest assured that the handlebars are of the highest quality. This will let you appreciate the incredible quality of the materials used. As a result of its superior quality, it has caused a stir in the US handlebars industry, prompting imitators to flood the market.

This reliable brand includes a warranty that lasts a lifetime. Likewise, the handlebar may be adjusted to fit your needs. Feel free to personalize it with your name, the make and model of your bike, or anything else.

Featured Advantages

  • has a low weight of about 39 pounds
  • Produced in a highly reputable American factory.
  • Suits a broad variety of bicycles
  • Joints that are smooth and arched
  • An exquisitely understated conclusion

4. Dominators Industry Handlebars for Street Glide | Road King

If you want to give your road glide a whole new appearance at the lowest possible price, then you should choose the newest model from the Dominators business. It’s also a top pick for the best street glide handlebars.

All stages of production take place in the United States, and the company produces a variety of custom bars for Harley Davidson motorcycles made between 1996 and 2017. The Dominators Industry Street Glide Handlebars are a great choice for riders of all sizes. You won’t feel any strain on your back from the bike seat as you ride for hours.

Obviously, this is something that was produced by hand. There is no other brand whose internal wiring is as straightforward as this one. Each bar undergoes an intensive quality assurance procedure. Bars are manually polished by skilled artisans.

As an added bonus, their customer service is legendary. You may expect a timely reply to your message from them. Also, I’m willing to hear out your problem and do my best to address it. Their shipping is lightning quick. You may confidently make the purchase now.

Featured Advantages

  • The ape-like 10″ meat hook monkey bars
  • Production that takes place in stages
  • S.A. Originated
  • Ready for hardwired installation
  • Finished to absolute perfection

5. Paul Yaffe’s Handlebars for Street Glide | 12″ | Monkey Bars

You might have read hundreds of reviews, but you still haven’t found the one that’s perfect for you. Thus, we present our last offering: Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Handlebars, the industry’s finest bar ends.

It’s one of the greatest ape hangers for street glide and works with Harley-Davidson bikes from 1986 to 2013. Black powder coated cables were utilized for the final touches, giving the cable a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

There is a selection of sizes available for the Bagger Nation Handlebars by Paul Yaffe. If you’re unsure about what size to choose, feel free to pick one at random. Cables of unusually great length are utilized. This ensures the security and safety of the brake lines by preventing them from expanding.

Products made in the United States are universally renowned for their high standard of excellence. Bagger Nation Handlebars are an American product designed and crafted by Paul Yaffe for the street glide scene. As a result, the customer is guaranteed to receive an item that excels in every way and provides the highest level of convenience and security.

The company’s assistance to customers is also excellent. There will be a rapid answer to your inquiry. Moreover, your questions will be heard and answered attentively.

Featured Advantages

  • Modify Displays for Exhibition
  • 25 inch round bars
  • Polished chrome or sleek black powder coatings
  • Superior Quality Item

Things to Consider Before Buying Handlebars for Street Glide

Best Handlebars for Street Glide

You learn about the grips on the market right now. It’s finally time to make the purchase. It’s possible that you’ve settled on a specific make and model, as well as a firm price. A few things need to be remembered before you head out to shop for the best handlebars.

Here, we will go over some of the most important factors to think about while shopping for the finest ape hangers for street glide. We have the Skeg Guard and other automotive necessities.

Cost of the Handler

For a select few, cost may not be a major consideration. This is usually a major worry, though. The highest-priced items typically are the best quality.

However, prior to doing anything else, you should determine precisely what it is you desire and how much money you have available. Finding a product that fits your financial constraints is preferable. All you have to do is check out the product links we’ve supplied to obtain a ballpark estimate of the cost. In addition to the Belt for Can Am Maverick that we have listed, you may also be interested in the following products.

Make Sure It’s High-Quality

The most important aspect of any commodity is its quality. Buying a handlebar is a significant financial commitment. Obviously, you need it to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Choose the model of street glides handlers made of steel or iron if you can afford it. This has a very long lifespan.

One must inspect the utilised materials. As well as the origin of the material. The United States is home to several renowned handlers, and this reputation is mostly founded on the quality of their work. It’s worth your time to check out the Dirt Bike Cleaner since you definitely need some.

Techniques of Setup

Consider purchasing the handler designed specifically for street glides. Problems arise when fixing an intricate installation unexpectedly.

Therefore, it is best to read all of the rules and regulations thoroughly and adhere to them. It’ll make things simpler and quicker for you.

Product Guarantee / Guarantee of the Product

Once you have invested in a handler for street glide, it is rarely necessary to replace it. It’s a purchase that will last you for many years.

Nonetheless, not all items come with guarantee options. You should thus investigate the duration of the guarantee before making a purchase. The length of a product’s warranty might also be indicative of its overall quality.

You can use these guidelines as a guide while shopping for street glide handlebars. When shopping for street glides, these are the most crucial considerations.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

As a result of our investigation into the market, we have a few inquiries to provide. Hopefully, we’ll be able to address some of the more often asked questions below.

1. If I buy the handler online, how do I set it up?

In terms of setup, you may either do it yourself or consult a professional.

To reduce the likelihood of permanent damage to your street glide handler, it is important to seek the help of a professional. And if you want to do the installation on your own, make sure to read all the instructions carefully and adhere to them precisely.

2. which is the greatest material for a handler?

We recommend steel for every project.

We are not implying that the materials used by the various manufacturers are in any way inferior. However, steel lasts far longer than any alternative.

3. Do you feel secure when gripping the street gliding handlebars?

Once again, this is something that is product-specific.

The majority of the handling was built with passenger convenience in mind, so you may travel in peace. Consumers report greater ease of use with items priced in the middle to upper price ranges.

4. What color are the street glide’s handlebars?

Typically, it will be either silver or black.

There are a number of brands that will make the handles in whatever color the buyer desires.

5. Will the best ape hangers for street glide give me back pain?

Cancel that idea right now: you won’t.

The ergonomics of the carriers are optimized to provide maximum ease of use. Depending on the height of the handler, your hands will be raised well over your shoulders.

Closing Remarks

Our analysis is now complete. It is assumed that you are already familiar with the many functions of handlebars and the available options for street glide handlebars.

We’ve highlighted the most important aspects of each handler so you can easily make a comparison. You may also locate a suitable handler for your bike.

To everyone who are riding, please be safe.

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