Best Rims for Subaru Impreza – Top 5 Selection for 2023

Rims for Subaru Impreza

A thrilling moment and important work is waiting for you somewhere, if in that situation your Subaru Impreza rims need to change then it will give you the most awful experience.

For avoiding these types of conditions you have to choose the best rims for your Subaru Impreza.

It was 90s’ when Subaru first presented its Impreza with the name Sedan. Consequently, Impreza well-grounded its name to the people’s minds for extraordinary driving dynamics.

Moreover, for experience, these spirited driving characteristics of your car a good set of rims will be needed.

On the other hand, it can be worse and more dangerous for people. For providing a comfortable and quiet rolling ride best rims are essential. Let’s discover it!

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TOUREN TR60 Matte Black/Machined Ring Wheel
TOUREN TR60 Matte Black/Machined Ring Wheel

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Touren TR60 3260 Black/Red Ring Wheel
Touren TR60 3260 Black/Red Ring Wheel

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Pacer Black Modular 15 Black Wheel/Rim 5x100 & 5x115
Pacer Black Modular 15 Black Wheel/Rim 5x100 & 5x115

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Road Ready Car Wheel for 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza
Road Ready Car Wheel for 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza

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Partsynergy Replacement For New Replica Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rim
Partsynergy Replacement For New Replica Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rim

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Best Rims for Subaru Impreza Reviews

If you don’t have much time for searching and analyzing your wheel then you come to the right place. Our expert team has done it.

Moreover, there are many types of rims in the market with different qualities. But they all can’t be suitable for your Subaru Impreza. You can choose the best one from our suggested five rims.

1. TOUREN TR60 Matte Black/Machined Ring Wheel

Do you want your Subaru Impreza sporty car to always provide the same well-grounded performance over every road, especially snow, ice, dirt, and slush? For this extraordinary performance, you need to give the best rally car rims for Subaru Wrx Impreza.

Touren is a global wheel provider company, providing their high quality rims over 40 years. Matte black is one of them.

Matte black is sophisticated-looking Infinity series wheels from Touren. It is engineered with the latest technology for that reason it is called the machine product.

This wheel is a universal fit product with global recognition. This can be your perfect updated Subaru wheels.

Most Liking Aspects

Matte black rim is a stylish, updated and well known brand. It does know how to satisfy customers by providing quiet rolling performance on the track.

Probable Drawbacks

Touren wheels have a limited load capacity, although Subaru Imreza need not take any kind of load.

Key Features

  • Excellent performance.
  • Low weight and quiet on the highway.
  • Durable and universal fit.
  • Budget friendly and durable.

2. Touren TR60 3260 Black/Red Ring Wheel

When you have a stylish car like the Subaru Impreza you definitely need an advanced and stylish wheel. If you want an aggressive, sporty and rough look then Touren red can be good because it has the out standard set for your attractive look.

Moreover Touren red rim is especially customized for young modern drivers. This tire has both elegance and strength for being the king on the road.

Besides this, advanced manufacturing technology has been used to make it perfect. It is a highly durable and eye-catching wheel.

This affordable aftermarket Touren red rims can be a good solution, which you are looking for in your Subaru Impreza because of its high quality.

Most Liking Aspects                         

Touren red rim has an extraordinary finish which provides a sophisticated look and extra durability.

Probable Drawbacks

This wheel is not good for carrying overload. Subaru Impreza is a sophisticated car. There is no need to carry a load.

 Key Features

  • Up to date technology.
  • Lifetime
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Outstanding performance on road.

3. Pacer Black Modular 15 Black Wheel/Rim 5×100 & 5×115

Do you think a car can provide excellent performance without high-quality’s wheels? I think it can’t.

Pacer black wheels are made of high-quality stainless steel. Furthermore, this wheel brand has many variations. That’s why before buying your rims or wheel you need to visit the outlet or website of Pacer.

Along with its huge collection, Pacer is a budget-friendly brand. If you are searching for high quality at a low price then Pacer is waiting for you.

Pacer is not an OEM rim, so its design and specification can vary from the stock wheels. It has a warranty issue. It provides a short-term warranty.

Most Liking Aspects

Besides the fair pricing, its quality is high and it is also made of stainless steel. This company has a huge collection.

Probable Drawbacks

It seems finding the right size of Pacer rim is difficult. Its wheel size is different than others wheel size.

Key Features

  • Budget friendly.
  • Huge variation.
  • Very good ride quality.
  • Made of Stainless steel.

4. Road Ready Car Wheel for 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza

Extra lifetime capacity and lifetime warranty of your wheels can give relief. Because it’s a hassle to change your Subaru Impreza’s rims frequently.

When you will choose a wheel that is very much responsive on the road then it will provide you with outstanding quiet performance.

Road ready is compatible because of its highly manufactured design. It can fit any type of OEM machinery. Besides this, it provides a guarantee of direct fit.

The process of installation of single wheel replacement isn’t heard when it is road ready. Because of all characteristics Road Ready can be the best rims for Subaru Impreza.

Most Liking Aspects

Road ready has a well manufactured design with rim replacement guarantee. Besides, it is highly compatible with any type of OEM machinery.

Probable Drawbacks

Its price is a little bit high because of its high quality. People, who don’t have any budget problem, can easily select it.

Key Features

  • Easy to install.
  • Highly compatible with OEM.
  • Safe and sound on dry or wet surfaces.

5. Partsynergy Replacement For New Replica Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rim

Is it necessary to choose an excellent rim set to maintain superbly quiet comfortable performance for your Subaru Impreza? I think it’s important to experience all of the characteristics of Impreza.

In recent years Part Synergy introduced a new replica wheel in the market. It’s an aluminum based wheel.

Besides this, EMO replacement is all time fit for all single rims replacement. It is examined that Part synergy focuses on the specific manufactured design for perfect wheel replacement.

Furthermore, part synergy wheels provide a very comfortable ride on uneven, wet and icy roads and there isn’t any noise on the highway.

Most Liking Aspects

Part Synergy provides good quality with aluminum based products and EMO replacement is also available.

Probable Drawbacks

Slightly lower time warranty then other competitors. There is no lifetime guarantee like most other companies.

Key Features

  • Good manufactured design.
  • Replacement capability.
  • Safe sound.
  • Excellent ride quality.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Rims for Subaru Impreza

1. Is it possible to use any type of rims in Subaru Impreza?

Yes, it is.

Most of the wheels can be used in Subaru Impreza. Because there need not be any specific feature in the wheel or rim for Impreza.

2. Does a wheel differ in weather?

Yes, a little bit.

When the weather changes in time, the road condition also changes. Basically in the winter, because of snowfall the road becomes very risky. For that reason it is important to use different wheels.

3. Is the Touren wheel rust resistant?

This Touren wheel is customized with advanced technology. For that reason this wheel should not rust. But if it does, there is a lifetime warranty for it.

4. Is the Road ready rim easy to use?

Yes, it is.

Road ready is very easy to install. For that reason Road ready’s rims are the best rims for Subaru impreza hatchback.

5. Are these Pacer wheels designed to have hubcaps on them?


These wheels are not designed for hub caps. But don’t worry; you can place hub cups on them.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing your best rims for Subaru Impreza, you need to carefully think about some factors. The things are your weather, your road condition, price, style, technology and the reason for your driving.

There are different categories of wheels in the market; each category covers different types of conditions. You can’t find a single wheel that will fulfill your every need. For this reason, you have to determine your specific needs.

We suggest these top five rims for choosing your suitable one. Have a good day!

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