How to Tow a Car with Another Car? Easy Discussion for 2023

How to Tow a Car with Another Car

Towing a car is the last thing that any driver or car owner would want. No one wants to be in such a situation where he/she has to call a tow car. But it is better to be prepared even for the worst situation.

When the car faces any accident or becomes dysfunctional on the road, you have to take the car to the garage. And this can be done by towing the car with another car.

When you Need to Tow a Car

You might need to tow a car in several situations. A collision with another vehicle, a tree, or a structure might render your vehicle entirely or partially immobile.

Following an accident, it is hard to drive due to obvious concerns such as a smashed automobile body or an engine that would not turn over. However, these aren’t the only potential issues that necessitate a tow.

  • If you attempt to drive with flat or cut tires, bent wheels, or misalignment, you may cause a secondary collision.
  • Any fluid spill might endanger people’s lives. Don’t drive your automobile if it has a leak, whether it’s gas, oil, or brake fluid.
  • You cannot lawfully turn without first indicating. This is not just a legal concern, but it is also a safety threat.
  • Call for a tow if anything is loose, shaking, or appears to be about to fall off.

Ways of Towing the Car

Ways of Towing the Car

There are several ways of towing a car with another car. Here we would describe some of them.

Towing a Car Using a Tow Bar

A tow bar is another option for car-to-car towing, and you may rent one if you don’t already have one. Tow bars typically have an A-frame construction and are attached to the pulled vehicle. The rear-mounted hitch connects the tow vehicle to the tow bar.

Towing a Car with a Dolly

A tow dolly, which is effectively a miniature trailer, is a common way for pulling a car with another automobile. Using a tow dolly raises the towed vehicle’s front tires off the ground, reducing tire and driveline wear on the vehicle being towed.

Towing a Car with a Trailer

The finest and safest alternative for towing a car with another automobile is an open or enclosed car carrying trailer. When using a car transporter, all four wheels of the towed vehicle are supported by the trailer. Drive the automobile onto the trailer and secure it using straps and/or chains.

How to Tow a Car with Another Car

Tow a Car with Another Car

At first, Check the local laws to confirm that employing a tow strap is permissible. Tow straps are often regarded as the least safe method of towing a car, and as such, legislation prohibiting their use may have been enacted in your area.

Look up a list of towing rules in your city or state to ensure that utilizing a tow strap does not break any local laws.

Place the end of the tow rope that will be attached to the broken down car in front of it, then pull any knots or tangles out of the rope as it is being laid down on the ground.

Sometimes the Tow line is damaged. If the tow line is damaged or frayed, it may snap under strain when you begin to move the broken-down car. Examine the whole tow strap for signs of damage and do not use it if you find any.

Many cars feature “recovery points” on the frame, which are frequently merely holes cut into the frame through which a recovery strap or steel hook may be passed.

To locate the recovery point on the front of the vehicle to be towed and on the back of the vehicle doing the towing, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

For the recovery point, pass the strap through the hole. Use the hook to attach the strap to itself through the recovery point if it has one. If it has a loop at the end, pass it through the recovery point hole, then through its own loop to lock it in place.

Place it towards the end of the tow rope you set up in front of the broken down car. When you start towing, park the tow vehicle so that it is parallel to the broken down car.

If you have difficulty accessing the recovery point on the rear of the tow vehicle, you can attach the strap to a tow hitch if your vehicle has at least a Class 2 hitch. If you are unclear about your tow hitch, avoid using it.

Check that the broken-down car is in neutral. Because the strap will draw the car toward the tow vehicle, the driver of the broken down vehicle must regulate its brakes to avoid a collision as you tow. Tow straps should only be used to pull a car a limited distance, such as to get it unstuck.

Because the greater weight of the pulled vehicle results in longer braking distances, you must alter your speed accordingly. Allow lots of space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.

Final Words

You never know when you are in trouble when on the road.  So it is better to be prepared all the time. Thus, knowing “how to tow a car with another car” is important. If you go through the article, by now you are an expert on towing a car. And try to keep all the necessary equipment in the car.

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