Best Mini Itx Case For Custom Loop – Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Mini Itx Case For Custom Loop

When building a small gaming system, mini-ITX enclosures are ideal. Even while they might not have the same striking appearance as the tower ATX cases, they can nonetheless fit a powerful gaming system. Just make sure the one you choose has slots big enough for the more potent GPUs and is compatible with the newest processors.

Additionally, they are portable, which is useful if your wife frequently rearranges the furniture in the house.

Uncertain about the tiny form factor PC case to purchase? I’ll evaluate some of the Best Mini Itx Case For Custom Loop available in this blog article.

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NZXT H210i - CA-H210i-W1 - Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case
NZXT H210i - CA-H210i-W1 - Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case

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Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming
Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming

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darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower MicroATX
darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower MicroATX

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Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Mini-ITX PC Case
Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Mini-ITX PC Case

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Fractal Design Node 202 Black Mini-ITX Slim
Fractal Design Node 202 Black Mini-ITX Slim

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1. NZXT H210i – CA-H210i-W1 – Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case

These days, it is highly uncommon to come across a list of the “best mini-ITX cases” without NZXT being included. They have gained a lot of popularity among gamers, including me, throughout the years.

The H210i’s 27 liters make it slightly bigger than other ITX cases, but it’s still not obtrusive. It has a very modern and elegant style and is pre-installed with straps and channels, so you don’t have to spend much time getting everything set up. Everyone will be able to see your creation after you’re finished thanks to the completely tempered glass door on the side.

One USB 3.1 Type C port, one USB 3.1 size A port, and a headphone jack are all included on the H210i’s I/O panel. This implies that the amount of peripherals you can join up is rather constrained. However, since I already own a USB hub, I didn’t really have a problem with this. I’d strongly advise getting a USB hub if you want to connect charging cables, cameras, wireless Xbox controller receivers, and other devices.

Your components will be effectively cooled by the H210i. NZXT’s CAM software gives you total control over its 4 fans, which are located 2 in the front, 1 up top, and 1 in the back. You may monitor a variety of things using CAM, including the processor’s clock rates, bandwidth use, and in-game metrics like FPS and GPU load. Additionally, it allows you to adjust the built-in RGB lighting to your preferences.

The more advanced Smart Device V2 is included with the NZXT H210i. The Smart device, a little black unit underneath the cable management bar, is in charge of a number of various functions. It manages the integration of RGB lighting and fan control, as well as monitoring the interior temperature, listening for changes in noise levels, and adjusting fan speeds as necessary. As a consequence, you might be able to purchase a PC that works effectively while also being quiet.

Finally, the NZXT H210i does support radiators, allowing you to set up water cooling. If you want to play video games for extended periods of time and want to prevent your computer from overheating, water cooling may be helpful. Find the best oil for Duramax L5P for your next long drive.


  • sleek style
  • Simple to set up
  • suitable for large GPUs
  • outstanding cooling capacity
  • Fan noise control system that runs automatically


  • Different from most other ITX cases in terms of size and weight
  • Limited I/O

2. Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming

One of the tiniest ITX cases I’ve seen is the Core V1 Cube, yet despite its small size, it has a ton of capabilities. The interior is divided into an upper and lower chamber first. The bottom chamber serves primarily as a cable management area, while the top chamber is dedicated to cooling and performance. This, I discovered, kept everything tidy and organized and made it simple for me to rearrange things later.

The Core V1 Cube places a lot of attention on cooling. It has two 80mm aftermarket fans put in the back and a big 200mm fan placed in the front. It also supports do-it-yourself liquid and air cooling systems. The “Drive Bay Design” of this case refers to the drive racks being detachable. As a result, the interior becomes more open, which enhances the efficiency of the cooling systems. Radiators are supported by the V1 Cube as well as the NZXT.

Two USB 3.0 ports, an HD audio connector, and a simple, uncluttered I/O panel are available on the Thermaltake Core V1 Cube. Therefore, similar to the NZXT H210, if you intend to use anything other than a mouse and a keyboard, you’ll need a USB hub.

Up to two storage device modules and a graphics card with a maximum length of 285mm can be installed with the Core V1 Cube. Unfortunately, this means that some of the more powerful graphics cards, including my own NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, cannot be connected. To play high-end games at reduced resolutions, you should be able to connect several of the mid-tier graphics cards and have a dependable tiny ITX system. Furthermore, it should run demanding applications without any issues. Best Radiator Hose Clamps – Top Picks in 2022.


  • the list’s smallest computer case
  • Segregated chamber design that is lightweight for simpler cable management
  • excellent cooling systems that support radiators


  • unable to support the largest VGA sizes
  • Little I/O

3. DarkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower MicroATX

This darkFlash case is bigger than other small ITX cases, similar to the NZXT H210. In actuality, their sizes are comparable. The darkFlash Mini ITX tower has a tempered glass side panel, just as the H210, which makes it easy to access the internal components and demonstrate your rigging prowess.

When I first saw the DLM21 White unit, I thought it was attractive. The front panel of the device has a polygonal pattern carved into it that gives it a very three-dimensional appearance.

The darkFlash can now hold bigger graphics cards, like my RTX 2080i, thanks to its expanded size. Therefore, in my opinion, this is a great option if you’re a dedicated gamer who needs a micro ITX gaming case that is pretty small. It also has 4 expansion slots, so it can accommodate a few component updates in the future.

You won’t have any difficulty keeping your gadgets cool with the darkFlash Mini ITX tower since it supports up to six fans (2 on top, 2 in the front, and 2 in the rear). Additionally, it permits the top and back of the casing to be fitted with radiators.

A single USB 3.0 port and two extra USB 2.0 ports are available on the I/O panel. I would have preferred to have at least two USB 3.0 ports, even if it does offer three connections for devices. Given the cost, it’s difficult to grumble, though. You also receive a microphone and headphone jack.


  • lovely design
  • enables more powerful graphics cards
  • fantastic cooling systems
  • 4-slot expansion


  • Larger than the normal Mini ITX enclosure,
  • Limited I/O

4. Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Mini-ITX PC Case

The mesh ventilation on the case’s front face is the first feature of the Cooler Master H100 that you’ll notice. This makes it easier for all the inside heat to escape. Additionally, because of how small the mesh is, a significant amount of the dust will be filtered out.

Despite being a Mini-ITX case, the package also includes a full-sized ATX power supply. This implies that it will draw power more effectively and is compatible with gear that is more powerful.

You won’t have to waste time looking for an aftermarket fan because the Cooler Case H100 includes a 200mm RGB Fan. The case can only accommodate one fan in the front, but so far, I haven’t run into any issues because of this. The inside temperature never appeared to go out of hand because of the mesh ventilation, and you could always attach a radiator for further assurance.

I greatly value the case’s built-in handle on the top. This helped me when I had to load up my gaming setup into the car and drive it to a friend’s house for a LAN party. It’s among the top tiny ITX cases with handles I’ve ever used.

The fact that this case only supports tiny graphics card sizes may be its biggest drawback. Additionally, installing a radiator reduces the area designated for a VGA. Therefore, you may install a 210mm-long graphics card without a radiator, but after one is installed, the space you have available is further diminished to about 180mm.


  • Better airflow and dust filtering are made possible via mesh ventilation.
  • Power-efficient
  • It is portable thanks to the integrated handle.
  • fantastic cooling


  • Larger graphics cards are not supported
  • Limited I/O.

5. Fractal Design Node 202 Black Mini-ITX Slim

A highly stealthy black design may be seen on the Fractal Design Node 202. Although it doesn’t catch your eye right away like other instances with dazzling RGB lights, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t look beautiful. You’ll undoubtedly like the style that Fractal was striving for if you enjoy minimalist designs.

You may configure the Design Node 202 so that it sits flat on your desk or stands up. As a result, you have more options when deciding how and where to set up your PC setup. When laid flat on a surface, it almost looks like a console.

There are separate chambers for the motherboard and graphics card if you prop open the casing. This prevents heat buildup in one place and prevents one from encroaching on the other. The graphics card chamber can accommodate cards with a length of up to 310mm. I could easily fit my RTX 2080i in there because to this.

You can also see multiple air filters being utilized to continuously maintain the inside dust-free if you look around. The graphics card chamber of this case can accommodate up to two 120mm fans, so you may play for hours without worrying about overheating.


  • both horizontally and vertically arranged
  • energy-efficient interior design
  • supports integrated air filters for big graphics cards


  • Limited I/O

What’s my pick for the best Mini ITX Case?

Best Mini Itx Case For Custom Loop

The darkFlash Mini ITX tower is the compact form factor computer case that I would most likely choose if I were shopping. First off, this compact ITX case is guaranteed to hold a full GPU, or rather a full-sized VGA, thus I could easily fit my RTX 2080Ti inside. The case also has four expansion slots for future improvements and can keep everything cool. Finally, it looks fantastic. I’ve had the pleasure of using one of the best micro ITX cases available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play games on a Mini ITX?

There are many fantastic possibilities for a strong build, even if not all Mini ITX enclosures are appropriate for gaming. With small ITX builds, there are certain frequent constraints. First off, as we’ve already seen, most cases don’t have enough room to fit bigger graphics cards. Additionally, they can have fewer expansion slots, which results in greater area for heat to accumulate.

Because of this, gamers love stylish small ITX cases like the one from darkFlash. Although it is small, it nevertheless supports huge VGAs and has four expansion slots.

How can I know whether a huge graphics card will fit in my Mini ITX case?

Look at the PCIe slot size that is specified in the product’s specifications. For the largest cards currently available, a PCIe 3.0 x16 slot is often required. The size of the slot increases with the number following the “x.”

How can I maintain a Mini ITX build’s cooling?

There are several options available to you. To begin with, make sure that nothing is obstructing the air filters inside the casing. One of the main causes of overheating is dust, which may clog fans by collecting on them. They can also obstruct vents. Therefore, if your case doesn’t already have any filters, be sure to periodically clear up the dust using a bottled air duster.

Additionally, if your case permits it, you can try adding more fans and a radiator to hasten the rate at which heat is dissipated.

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