Best Ripping Chain for Milling – Top 5 Picks for 2023

Ripping Chain for Milling

Picking a chain for ripping is different from choosing a chainsaw chain for DIY projects. Chain used for professional cutting has to be sharper and more precise than other chains.

The milling saw chain has been designed to efficiently cut both frozen and hardwoods. The ripping chain is preferred for milling because of this.

To select the best ripping chain for milling, one needs expertise. As a result, you must deliberately check the chain pitch, gauge, and cutter while making a purchase. Otherwise, it results in catastrophic accidents.

Nevertheless, don’t worry! This has been completed for you. Professionals can occasionally struggle to distinguish a high-quality chain from an average one. Because of this, our specialist unearths 5 excellent tearing chains.

Find the ideal chainsaw chain by reading on. Get them, then.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

OREGON 72RD084G 84 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Saw Chain
OREGON 72RD084G 84 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Saw Chain

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Oregon 72RD105G 105 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain
Oregon 72RD105G 105 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain

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Anihoslen Oregon 36 Inch Ripping Chain 3-8 Inch
Anihoslen Oregon 36 Inch Ripping Chain 3-8 Inch

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Oregon 72RD114G 114 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain
Oregon 72RD114G 114 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain

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Oregon 72RD081G 81 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain
Oregon 72RD081G 81 Drive Link 3-8-Inch Ripping Chain

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Best Ripping Chain for Milling Reviews

It can be challenging to select a milling chain for use in a professional setting. That is why we are here highlighting the key characteristics of the ripping chain. It will assist you in obtaining your desired chain. Let’s get started on the reviews.

1. OREGON 72RD084G 84 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Saw Chain

Are you trying to find a strong ripping chain? After that, examine it. For Miller, Oregon delivered a tearing chain that ended the hunt. Let’s open up the chain’s other features.

Learn about the manufacturer first. Due to the chain’s high quality and devoted client base, Oregon has had a solid reputation in the chainsaw business since 1947. As a result, you can trust this expert ripping chain.

The chain includes a common chassis and cutter. This is how it keeps a cutting edge on any kind of wood and gains a following among millers.

You can determine the chain’s quality by looking at its fundamental workings. It has a.063″ gauge and a 3/8″ pitch. That indicates that it has kept the cutter’s ideal thickness and distance. Additionally, it has 115 drive links, making it ideal for cutting enormous tree trunks.

It is a high-performing ripping chain, as I said previously. Despite reduced vibration, the producers advise against using the chain as a hand-held device. You can regularly use premixed oil to improve the operation of the chainsaw.

Therefore, Oregon ripping chain would be most suited for individuals who desire a high-quality chain at a fair price. Additionally, you can check our review on Oils for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine

Key Elements

  • Pitch and gauge are, respectively, 3/8″ and.063″
  • has the basic cutters included.
  • Verify the cutting accuracy.
  • For handheld chainsaw only.

2. Oregon 72RD105G 105 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Chain

The manufacturer of our runner-up tearing chain is the same. Due to its distinct qualities, the majority of lumberjacks and millers may rely on this chain. Get them, then.

Miller usually favors a large chain to make their work easier. It is a particular chain. It has a.050″ gauge and a 3/8″ pitch. The chain also has 105 drive links. The chain cuts with 100% accuracy in this manner.

A sharper cutter is necessary for quick cutting with a ripping chain. Because of this, Oregon ensures that a typical cutter has the ideal thickness and sharpness.

The enormous timber is being chopped with a chainsaw that begins to vibrate. The fitting of the chain is to blame. However, this ripping chain guarantees precise fitment and 25% lessens vibration. In actuality, the Vibe-Ban chassis design has decreased the maximum vibration.

It is not advised for those who want to use this chain in their hand-held chainsaw to do so. In actuality, it was built for a milling chainsaw.

As a result, you can put the chain in your basket if its gauge and pitch are ideal for milling. Additionally, it is a reasonably priced tearing chain. Besides, you can choose some Premixed Fuel

Key Elements

  • includes 105 drive connections.
  • Pitch and gauge are 3/8″ and.050,” respectively.
  • Check for low vibration and little kickback.
  • For handheld chainsaw only.

3. Anihoslen Oregon 36″ Ripping Chain 3/8″

This ripping chain is for you if you have a limited budget and want the best chain for a chainsaw. Anihoslen ensures that this pack has every characteristic of a high-quality ripping chain.

The chain is 36″ in length overall. Additionally, the chain has a 3/8′′ pitch and a.058′′ gauge. For cutting enormous logs, that is more than enough.

While production, anihoslen makes sure there is enough lubricity. The chain may therefore readily pass through the tougher timbers. Additionally, the chain’s lubricity shields it from early wear and strain.

The chain’s cutter is an intriguing feature. This chain allows you to easily cut through any kind of wood you come across. Thanks to the sharp cutter, it was made feasible.

While chopping, certain aftermarket chainsaw chains vibrate quite a bit. For mills, it is highly unsettling and hazardous. Some of them are cutting with many kickbacks. Such a problem, though, does not exist in this chain.

Therefore, if you use the chain for extended cutting, you will have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Key Elements

  • carries a 36-inch chain for milling.
  • The gauge is.058″ and the pitch is 3/8″.
  • Reduced vibration and kickback
  • Chain lubricity guards against damage.

4. Oregon 72RD114G 114 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Chain

There is good news for individuals who want a ripping chain that is reasonably priced. Another top-notch ripping chain with all-premium qualities was offered by Oregon.

Start with the chain cutters first. As you are aware, faster and smoother cutting results from a sharper cutter. This chain is chosen for milling because of this. Additionally, what sets it apart from others is the typical chassis design.

The gauge and pitch of mill chainsaw chain must meet particular requirements. However, this chain has the typical gauge and pitch maturation.

The chain has a 3/8″ pitch and a gauge of.050″. It also has 114 drive connections in total.

It is not advised to use any professional-grade ripping chains with hand-held chainsaws. The same type of chain is inappropriate for use in a hand-held chain.

The safety safeguard of the chains is what makes them more fascinating. The vibration is reduced by 25% using the Vibe-Ban chassis design. The milling chain has accomplished a significant feat. Therefore, this chain provides a perfect cut for beginners as well.

Due to its overall performance and reasonable price, numerous auto geniuses believe it to be the greatest ripping chain for milling.

Key Elements

  • has a 3/8′′ pitch and.050′′ gauge.
  • There are 114 drive linkages in all, which can reduce vibration by up to 25%.
  • Cutting precision is guaranteed by standard cutter and chassis design.

5. Oregon 72RD081G 81 Drive Link 3/8-Inch Ripping Chain

The ripping chain collection is also from Oregon, but it’s not the least. It would be ideal for you if you’re looking for a chain with 81 drive links. The other features, then.

This chain’s lubricity makes it more intriguing. Oregon used a lot of lube while designing the ripping chain. The chain is thereby cutting more quickly, even through hardwood. Additionally, this oily material aids in the chain’s long-term sharpness retention.

The chain’s measurement varies even when some elements of the same manufacturers are the same.

The chain’s pitch and gauge parameters are very typical. This chain will have a.050″ gauge and a 3/8″ pitch.

The chain’s safety precaution is quite effective. When the chain vibrates so much when cutting, a catastrophe is imminent. However, this chain minimizes chain vibration by up to 25%, so you are safe when cutting.

So, if you believe the chain’s pitch, gauge, and drive links are appropriate for your business, add it to your basket. It has a regular pricing in addition to the other characteristics.

Key Elements

  • includes 81 drive connections
  • The gauge is.050″ and the pitch is 3/8″.
  • Because of the sharp cutter, make a precise cut.
  • Low vibration is ensured with the Vibe-Ban chassis design.

Things to Consider Before Buying Ripping Chain for Milling

Best Ripping Chain for Milling

When purchasing professional-grade ripping chains, careful thought must go into making the proper choice. So, before making a purchase, you must consider several variables. If not, it could result in frustration after purchasing.

As a consequence, we have identified a few key criteria for selecting the finest ripping chainsaw chain. Get them, then.

Design of Chassis and Cutter

The chassis and cutter design of a ripping chain determine its overall cutting performance. The chain can’t cut as effectively if the chassis hasn’t been well-engineered.

Additionally, the cutter design guarantees the ripping chain’s cutting accuracy. For the tearing chain, the cutter has to be considerably sharper and 10 degrees. You cannot get 100% cutting precision otherwise.


The chain resistance ensures the chain’s durability. Sometimes keeping the chain’s edge sharp for a long time is beneficial. The high-quality tearing chain has corrosion resistance.

It is simple to avoid early wear and strain by selecting chains with resilience. Therefore, pick a chain with resilience to fend off the outer environment.


The chain’s vibration during erratic operation may cause a serious accident. Because of this, using such a chain for milling is not advised.

A lower vibrating chainsaw may be operated by a novice. So pick a chainsaw with less vibration.

In this case, some ripping chains can minimize chain vibration by up to 25%. Therefore, choosing a milling saw chain is preferable.


The ripping chain also has kickback as a disadvantage. Even when you aren’t milling with the hand-held chainsaw, the chain’s kickback is still encouraged.

It would be advisable to use a milling chain that can reduce backlash for this reason.

Chain Brittleness

A good chain is always accompanied by greasy materials. If the ripping chain is sufficiently lubricated, it may cut the hardwood with ease.

Additionally, it may assist keep the cutter’s edge sharp. Additionally, an oiled chain resists deterioration.


Before making a purchase, you must confirm the milling chain’s dimensions. The pitch of an ordinary ripping chain is 3/8″. The chain’s gauge should range from.050 to.063 inches.

The driving links for your milling saw chain are another option. The ripping chain has 81–114 drive links.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which chainsaw chain is best for tearing wood?

In comparison to the other hand-held chainsaw, milling a chainsaw requires a significantly longer chain. Because of this, you must guarantee the milling chain’s measurement, quality, cutting precision, and other factors.

If the fundamental characteristics are suitable for milling, you can use that chain. Choose a ripping chain from the list above, though, if you must make a decision quickly.

2. Does this chain include a function for dissipating heat?

They have, indeed.

They must put in a lot of overtime since hardwood is always cut using the ripping chain. The chain thus generates a lot of heat. If it lacks the ability to dissipate heat, it will quickly wear out.

For this reason, the tearing chain has a capability to reduce heat.

3. What milling saw pitch measurement works best?

It actually depends on the milling saw you have. However, 3/8′′ is the usual pitch measurement. You can use the 114-drive chain links if you want a lengthy saw.

4. How can chainsaw vibration be reduced?

In actuality, the chainsaw’s vibration is influenced by the chain’s quality. If the chain has a well-designed chassis, it will fit the guide bar. It indicates that the chains vibrate less.

Choose a chain that can minimize vibration as a result.

5. Can I use my hand-held chainsaw with these chains?


These ripping chains should only be used with milling chainsaws, according to the manufacturer. It is therefore best to refrain from using it on a hand-held chainsaw.

Last Words

The milling chain must constantly cut different kinds of hardwood. The milling chain should therefore be more robust and sharper by default. Because of this, if you want the highest level of cutting precision, you must use the best ripping chain for milling.

As you scrolled down, hopefully you discovered your ideal ripping chain.

Enjoy An Accurate Cutting!

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