Best Router Table Fence – Top 5 Recommendations for 2023

Router Table Fence

Are you a carpenter looking for regular and dependable cuts for your projects? Then you have no choice but to install a router table fence to your equipment.

If you work on traditional carpentry jobs, a router table fence will become an essential element of your working process. The greatest router table fence provides more control and stability when woodworking.

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Kreg, Router Table Fence PRS1015
Kreg, Router Table Fence PRS1015

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Taytools 300015 Router Fence
Taytools 300015 Router Fence

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Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE
Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE

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Peachtree Woodworking, Table Fence Router PW1098
Peachtree Woodworking, Table Fence Router PW1098

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JessEm, Master Fence II 4010
JessEm, Master Fence II 4010

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Top 5 Recommended Best Router Table Fence On The Market

To assist you in making the best decision possible, we researched hundreds of units and compiled extensive router table fence evaluations. Examine it out!

1. Kreg, Router Table Fence PRS1015

You won’t have to worry about the size of your router table with the PRS1015. Because of its distinctive single-sided construction, the product is globally mountable. As a result, you may set it up with router tables ranging from 0.25 to 1.5 inches.

Unlike other router table fences, this one may be adjusted by hand. As a result, it gives you more control over the process.

Kreg designed the unit with two locks for further security. A large paddle lock is located at the end of the infeed and a quarter-turn locking mechanism is located at the end of the outfeed. They prevents the fence from bursting open unexpectedly and prevent kickbacks during operation.

For your convenience, the designers integrated a customisable measuring scale with a micro-adjuster wheel. The scale allows you to precisely place the fence, allowing for exact adjustment.

Among the several router table fence forms, this one is built in the shape of a T, sometimes known as a T-square router fence.

This design keeps the fence aligned to the miter-gauge slot at all times, making it an extremely reflexive instrument.

For increased robustness, this metal router fence has been anodized. You may slide the fence faces independently, allowing you to precisely balance the working materials closer to the bit. It also guarantees that the majority of the deflected chips are trapped in the fence’s integrated dust port.

The device also features twin jointing rods, allowing the fence to double as a jointer.

A measuring tape, a bit protector, and the necessary installation tools are all included in the box. Checking the Jack Planes for Woodworking will be helpful as well.

Highlighted features include:

  • It includes a movable measurement scale.
  • A micro-adjuster wheel is included with the measurement scale.
  • The product can also be used as a jointer.
  • It has an integrated dust port.
  • Individual fence faces can be moved.

2. Taytools 300015 Router Fence

The 300015 is an excellent choice if you need a tough aluminum router fence with all of the practical features.

The fence is 32 inches in length.

It is comprised of 0.375-inch thick anodized aluminum for strength and protection. The maker use extruded aluminum, which boosts the structural strength and balance.

The metal does not bend or bow as a result of this manufacturing method when the humidity level in the environment varies.

The fence faces are manufactured from MDF (Medium Density Fiber) boards that have been coated with melamine using cutting-edge technology. Four knobs on the rear may be used to modify the faces. For simplicity of usage and precision, the knobs are threaded.

A simple shim mechanism is also installed on the outfeed fence face.

The knobs’ adjustable spacing ranges from 6.5 to 10.75 inches. You may also adjust them to a width of 18 to 22 inches. The fence opening can accommodate router bits with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches.

The 4.5-inch long adjustment knobs at the back make it simple to move the fence from front to back. This function may be really helpful in speeding up your productivity.

The router table fence package includes a feather board, bit guard, and an adjustable stop in addition to the fence. The producers, however, do not include a router or table in the kit. For more suggestions, you can read about Pinion Depth Tool.

Highlighted features include:

  • It features melamine-plated MDF fence faces.
  • Its fence opening can accommodate router bits with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches.
  • It has an outfeed fence face with a cutting-edge shim mechanism.
  • The rear adjustment knobs make it simple to change the location of the fence.
  • The adjustable knobs provide a broad range of spacing options.

3. Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE

The SF-36SINGLE is an all-purpose router fence with a sturdy construction.

The router table fence measures 36 inches long. The strong fence has an offset option. The offset may be micro-adjusted to 0.25-inches. The device also includes joint rods, allowing it to serve as a jointer.

It features a simple design that allows you to connect featherboards to the fence without the use of any additional equipment.

It also features an inbuilt dust port and is designed to work with any 2.25 to 2.5-inch diameter hose. As a result, it is compatible with a wide range of dust collectors.

For user convenience, the fence faces are designed to be straight and parallel to each other. Its clever innovation lets you to easily perform intricate and tough cuts.

On the vertical side, there are many T-slots. This enables connecting additional router table accessories like stops and sub-fences quite easy and spontaneous.

The fence’s horizontal and vertical components are both composed of aircraft-grade extruded aluminum. As a result, although having a high level of structural strength, the product remains lightweight.

Highlighted features include:

  • It has an offset feature with micro-adjustable capacity.
  • It has four T-slots for adding extra tools.
  • The dust port on the fence may accommodate hoses with diameters ranging from 2.25 to 2.5 inches.
  • Without the need of any additional equipment, feather boards may be fastened to the fence.
  • The base is made of extruded aluminum of aviation quality.

4. Peachtree Woodworking, Table Fence Router PW1098

The PW1098 has a lot of potential in a little package.

The fence is made of industrial grade metal. This product, known as an L-shaped fence, is slotted and predrilled. As a result, it can be quickly placed on any router table or other workshop setup.

The fence measures 32 inches long. It contains two 0.25-inch holes on either side, as well as an open rectangular slot in the center.

This design enables you to quickly place the fence on a number of configurations, including band saw fences, press tables, and, of course, router tables.

The fence’s vertical portion is 0.183-inch thick, while the horizontal portion is 0.178-inch thick. As a result, you can be confident that the fence is strong enough to withstand heavyweight operations.

It’s cleverly designed so that you may use it with minor supplementary attachments like jigs.

This product is also available in a 24-inch variant.

Highlighted features include:

  • It may be utilized in a variety of configurations.
  • Because of the product’s design, you can quickly mount the fence on any router table.
  • It is also compatible with band-saw fences and press tables.
  • The fence, carved from a single piece, provides better structural strength.
  • It’s thick enough to withstand any heavy-duty usage.

5. JessEm, Master Fence II 4010

If you’re searching for sturdy router table fences that will last a long time, the Master Fence II 4010 from JessEm is an excellent alternative.

It is a router table fence that can be adjusted. Furthermore, unlike most router tables and fence items, this one does not require the use of any equipment to modify.

The fence’s frame is made of industrial quality extruded aluminum. That is, the frame is made of a single piece of aluminum with a cross-sectional profile. This gives the product a high level of internal structural strength.

MDF boards are edge banded along the detachable fence faces. They are fully adjustable and include quick-locking knobs for further security.

The device also includes a fence track with integrated scales fixed on the side to make your task both accurate and simple.

It has a shim mechanism as well as an offsetting option at 0.031-inch and 0.062-inch. The offset bars also include inbuilt storage on board, making offsetting easier than ever.

Experts frequently recommend this device as the best router table fence on the market, and it works with any (32 x 24)-inch router table. Its mounting track is cleverly engineered, making operations like adjustment and assembling easy for any compatible router table.

The dust port has also been improved to capture dust, chips, and debris more efficiently.

Furthermore, the fence tracks are totally customizable, with various scale choices. This allows you to precisely configure the product. Positive locking knobs/modules are also available on the fence.

Highlighted features include:

  • It does not require the use of any tools for modification.
  • Its tracks are completely customizable, including scaling possibilities.
  • This fence is compatible with any router table (32 x 24).
  • Positive locking knobs are included with the package.
  • Its mounting track facilitates operations such as adjustment and assembling.

How To Choose The Right Router Table Fence for Your Woodworking Workplace?

Best Router Table Fence


Not all routers cut wood in the same pattern or design. Some machines cut several planks of wood in straight lines, while others may create circular patterns.

If you buy a high-quality router table fence but it doesn’t function with your router, it will be useless for your woodworking project. As a result, compatibility is an important element to consider when selecting a router table fence.

The main thing you should look for in your device is its resemblance to various types of routers. The better the compatibility of your router table fence with your router, the smoother your woodcuts will be.

Port for Dust Collector

When cutting wood or producing patterns, the wood router generates a lot of dust.

If you want to keep the area around your woodworking project clean, this is a must-have router table fence function.

The best router fences have a dust collection port to guarantee that dust particles accumulate within the collector. The apertures also prevent dust accumulation from obstructing the free movement of the router fence.

Security Features

Accidents and unintentional finger cuts are typical while working with wood. As a result, safety features are among the most important considerations to consider when selecting a router table with fence.

The best units include smooth edges and finger support to prevent you from cutting your fingertips when routing wood. The more safety features you have, the better your woodworking experience will be.

Additional Options

Pay attention to the extra features that the router table fence provides when you make your final decision. Adjustability and changeable throat capabilities are important aspects that influence the cutting process.

Because the surface of the wood is not always smooth, an adjustable table fence will make the cuts much better. Some common router table fences are small modifiable up to 0.25-inch in size, while others feature fence components that naturally line up when placed.

Throat Capabilities: Few top-tier router fences offer variable throat capabilities to function successfully with bigger routers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the definition of a Router Table Fence?

Answer: A router table fence is a fantastic tool that makes edging and profiling with a router easier, safer, and more versatile.

Assume you have a piece of wood without a bearing during your woodworking job.

Instead of purchasing another bearing, you may use the router fences to put it at the spot where the bearing would normally be and cut the wood.

2. Which Router Table Fence Is the Best?

Answer: Simply said, a router fence that is compatible with your wood router will be the most effective for you.

Check the router fence reviews and characteristics of your chosen model ahead of time to ensure that.

Customizable router table fences with varied throat capabilities have grown in favor in recent years.

A unit with a dust collector port is suitable for an efficient and trouble-free woodworking experience.

3. What Is the Appropriate Height for a Router Table and Fence?

Answer: The appropriate height of a router table fence is determined mostly by how high you feel comfortable operating. Generally, any height between 5 and 7 feet is suitable for a satisfying woodworking experience.

4. Where Can I Purchase Router Table Fences?

Answer: You can get a reasonably priced router table fence at your local hardware shop. However, suppose you don’t want to deal with the trouble of having the item shipped to your house.

In such situation, internet purchasing sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others may offer a high-quality unit at a reasonable price.

Last Words

Woodworking has grown more convenient as a result of high-quality router table fences. Because it gives you greater control over the wood router machine, the finest router table fence may make your woodworking much more exact.

However, selecting the ideal router table fence from the vast number of items on the market might be difficult.

We researched the market and wrote extensive reviews. Check them out to choose the best wood router for you.

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