How much is motorcycle insurance a year? Quiet and Reliable

How much is motorcycle insurance a year

Considering purchasing your first motorbike and traveling? If so, you probably have visions of floating through the wide air as you pass across the countryside. A more pertinent query to ask before purchasing a motorcycle is: How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

This is a list of prices you might anticipate.

Average Motorbike Insurance Cost

In the United States, motorbike insurance typically costs $178 per month. Your fees may vary based on your state and the coverage options you select, as you can see below.

The price difference between coverage in cold-weather and warm-weather states is particularly pronounced. Riders are more inclined to ride their bikes more frequently in regions where the weather is warmer for longer, which increases the danger of an accident or other catastrophe.

In Wisconsin, for instance, you may anticipate paying $60 monthly or $720 yearly. In comparison, the cost of motorcycle insurance in California is outrageous—$514, or $6,168 annually—more than eight times what it is on average in Wisconsin.

The price of motorbike insurance on average per month in eight states is listed below.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance by state

State Average motorcycle insurance cost per month
Wisconsin $60
Ohio $97
Illinois $117
Pennsylvania $151
Florida $159
Texas $161
New York $168
California $514

The averages are based on the minimal requirements for uninsured motorist protection, collision and comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible, and motorcycle liability insurance in each state. For a Harley-Davidson Street Glide, average quotes were provided by Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and Travelers.

What Factors Affect Motorcycle Insurance Prices?

Your motorbike insurance costs will vary depending on things like:

  • How old you are; generally, younger and older riders pay more
  • How spotless is your driving history?
  • Your residence
  • Your chosen motorbike model; high-performance motorcycles often cost more to insure
  • How old is the motorbike is
  • During the course of a year, the distance you ride is calculated.
  • Where do you store your bike while not in use?

What Is Covered by Motorcycle Insurance?

What Is Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

You probably have a solid idea of the kind of coverage you can obtain with motorbike insurance if you’ve ever bought a vehicle insurance policy. Both of these policy kinds have many similarities.

Liability coverage provided by motorcycle insurance safeguards you in the event that you cause harm to another person or damage to their property. In certain locations, insurance companies also provide guest passenger coverage, which will protect you in the event that a rider is injured.

You must have at least a minimum amount of liability insurance in the majority of states.

There may be other motorbike insurance options, such as:

  • If your motorbike is damaged in an accident, collision coverage will cover the costs of repairs.
  • When something other than an accident damages your motorbike, such as theft or vandalism, bad weather, or a fire, comprehensive coverage kicks in to cover the costs.
  • If an accident is caused by a driver who is underinsured or uninsured, your medical expenses will be covered ban y the uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

Customized components are frequently added to motorcycles by their owners. Custom parts are typically not covered by conventional comprehensive or collision insurance coverage, which may only pay to replace them with standard parts.

Ask your insurance whether it provides separate coverage for customized components if you want to ensure that your flashy chrome pieces or other enhancements are completely covered.

Getting Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Getting Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Thankfully, there are frequent actions you can do to reduce the cost of your motorbike insurance.

Compare prices

The most crucial action you can do is probably to shop about and compare prices from several insurances. You won’t know whether you’re overpaying unless you compare motorbike insurance quotes since each insurance company uses a different algorithm to determine prices.

Your deductible amount

If your car has collision and comprehensive insurance, you can also reduce your premium by raising your deductible. For instance, if you increase your deductible from $500 to $1,000 (or more), your motorbike insurance will be less expensive.

Be prepared to get a smaller insurance check if you file a collision or comprehensive claim if you increase your deductible.

Preserve a spotless driving record

Another essential strategy for keeping expenses down is to drive properly to prevent fines and collisions. Owners of motorcycles with a clean driving record are favored by insurers.

Rethink your insurance.

You will also see a significant reduction in the price of your motorbike insurance if you eliminate comprehensive and collision coverage. Since your bike is older and has a relatively modest value, dropping this coverage typically makes the most sense.

Other strategies for saving on motorbike insurance

Other strategies for saving on motorbike insurance

The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) suggests the following further cost-cutting measures:

  • Take a motorcycle safety course. If you complete a course given by a company like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, your motorcycle insurance premiums can go down. According to Triple-I, the benefit may be especially significant for riders under 25 who are paying high rates.
  • A multi-vehicle discount is available. You can obtain a reduced cost if you insure more than one bike or a bike and a car. When you combine insurance in this way, many insurers provide a good discount.
  • Get eligible for a group discount. If you are a member of a motorcycle club or any similar group, several insurers provide you with a discount.
  • Throughout the winter, keep your bike stored. Many cyclists in places with harsher winters opt to store their bikes instead of riding them. If you fall into this category, you could be eligible for a “lay-up” discount, which would allow your motorcycle’s coverage to be reduced to only comprehensive throughout the winter.


For Harley-Davidson Street Glide owners, Forbes Advisor examined insurance prices from eight different states. Typical costs include the $500 deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist protection, and the minimal motorcycle liability insurance that each state mandates. As of May 2022, the quotations are from Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and Travelers.

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